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Free ipash – the command line for iOS (100% discount)

$1.99 Free!

Use this simple command line app for iOS without the use of jailbreak. Use the app to check free disk space or processes running on your iDevice.

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App description


• the most common shell commands (ps, ifconfig, free, wget, ping, cat…) • FTP client • local file system management (cd, ls, cp, rm…all limited to ipash sandbox) • Dropbox support (manage files on your Dropbox account) • vi: simple but powerful text editor • additional buttons to make input from keyboard easier • two finger swipe up or down to access the commands history • two finger swipe left-to-right to autocomplete entered text • pinch to interrupt the execution of a command • unique ipash commands (Try: ia, maps, mail…) • transfer any file to ipash using iOS “Open In” feature

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