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    Got exams coming up? Got a full-time job to work around?
    Add structure and discipline into your study routine with iStudyPlan.

    + Enter the dates of your upcoming exams and break them down into topics
    + Allocate study hours on your weekly schedule (e.g. every monday and thursday 2 hours, saturday and sunday 3 hours)
    + Let iStudyPlan create a full schedule of study until your exam date
    + Use it daily to check your to-do list and chart your progress
    + Every day you will have a clear idea of how many hours you have left to study each topic and adjust the plan according to your actual progress.

    Other features include:
    + Option to repeat your study plan twice – thereby keeping things fresher in your mind
    + Two different modes of study: ‘Normal’ mode and ‘Revision’ mode – ‘Revision’ mode for weeks closer to the exam, dedicating more time per week.

    + Enter and save notes related to each topic for any reminders (e.g. “Read up on paper X”, “Get help on Q3.4″)
    + Block out revision days before the exam for general revision