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    iTeacher is the smart and easy to use management tool for teachers.

    – Manage your students in classes and course lists.
    – Create lists of grades based on arbitrary grade trees.
    – Log learning course content in course books.
    – Attendance statistics.
    – To-Do checklists.
    – Keep track of your schedules.

    – Class-/courselists
    – Trees of categories and grades with arbitrary weightings
    – Certification manually or calculated
    – Grading systems for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Norway and Luxembourg (details on the website)
    – Course book: learning content, homework assignments, annotations
    – Absenteeisms and delays as a day view and balance
    – Checklists for observations, To-Dos, learning materials etc.
    – Import students from address book or csv-files
    – Copy students and courses via drag ‘n’ drop between documents
    – Documentbased filemanagement
    – PDF-export of all printable lists (grades, absenteeisms, class lists, course book)

    *** For further informations, screenshots and documentations visit the website ***

    What’s new

    – CSV-Export of the course book.
    – Optional autosaving of the current document.
    – Position and size of the application’s window can now be safed and restored.
    – New grading system: (Italy) 10 – 0 with half points
    – Fixed: The comment editor is not updated if in the performance history of a student a different grade is selected.
    – Fixed: In the performance history of the register Students the entries in the column Grade does not appear properly under certain circumstances.
    – Fixed: In the English version terms have not been translated in a few locations.
    – Fixed: In the course book of the English version the button to automatically generate the entire course book is not fixed at the window’s bottom and appears in a maximized window in the course book table.
    – Fixed: In the register Students the entries in the absenteeisms tables are not sorted by date.
    – Fixed: When printing large grade lists (> 30 students) the line numbers on the following page will not continue running, but starts again at 1.