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  • Free iTV Shows 3 (100% discount)

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    iTV Shows 3 is the best series tracker you’ve ever seen. This powerful app helps you follow your favorite shows and discover new ones in just minutes. iTV Shows 3 was designed exclusively for iOS 7.

    Access everything
    • With the use of multiple databases, your series information has never been so accurate
    • Preview and buy series on iTunes Store right on your device

    Keep track
    • Mark your watched episodes
    • Easily see the next episode to watch
    • Receive notifications when a new episode begins

    • With iCloud built in, your series and watched episodes are kept up-to-date across all your devices
    • Open your account to keep all of your data from in sync

    • Discover new shows based on those you have already viewed
    • Access the most watched series of the moment
    • Never miss a series premiere

    • Access a daily calendar
    • Make time zone adjustments
    • Find the dates of local broadcasts in France and Germany

    • Add your friends and see what they’re watching
    • Share info with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and email

    • See your global progression
    • Look at how much time you spend watching TV