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  • Free iWalk to Weight Loss (100% discount)

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    iWalk to Weight Loss: pedometer, weight loss program, designed by Physical Therapists
    Achieving weight loss can be simple! iWalk to Weight Loss calculates personalized weight loss goals then, utilizes an in app pedometer that tracks users daily activity (steps) and provides instant feedback on goal progress.

    • Portable- Turns your smart phone into a portable weight loss tool. The in app pedometer records total daily steps and promotes fitness whenever and wherever you go.
    • Personalized- Calculates personalized weight loss goals based on your current activity level and your physiological stats.
    • Track- Creates weight, activity, BMI and BMR reports so that you can visualize your progress.
    • Report- Share your daily success with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
    • In App Purchase – If total step counts increase to more than 50,000 you need to purchase iWalk to Weight Loss.

    Take weight loss on 1 STEP at A Time
    Pedometer sensitivity will vary by user and placement of your smart phone.
    To adjust sensitivity:
    1. Click on the settings icon.
    2. Change pedometer location as needed.
    3. Take 50-100 steps and adjust pedometer sensitivity that most closely matches # of steps taken.
    **Note pedometer accuracy may vary. Studies have shown that regardless of step accuracy, the practice of tracking activity level promotes meeting and sustaining weight loss goals.
    To turn off playlist option iOS 6:
    1. Double click Home Button.
    2. Scroll right until music player controls appear.
    3. Press pause to stop the music.
    To turn off playlist option in iOS 7:
    1. Swipe up from the bottom of any screen.
    2. Press pause to stop the music.
    *App pedometer will continue to run in the background.
    **Always consult with a physician prior to the initiation of any exercise program.

    Charge your phone when you get time during the day to maximize your battery life.