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  • Free KOA Finder (100% discount)

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    This app shows KOA (Kampground of America) locations in the US and Canada. 
    – Contact info is included for each KOA location.
    – Show the closest KOA to your location.
    – Send the KOA location info to our Road Trip Planner app (also available at the App Store).
    – Access the KOA website for additional info.
    – Mark locations as Favorite locations.
    – Functionally very similar to the iPhone / iPad app with the same name.
    – Read reviews, get the local weather for the location, multiple street views (if they exist), Yelp reviews, and more. 

    What does this app do that the company web site doesn’t?
    – Built for the Mac, so it’s fast. The web page is for any computer.
    – Shows the weather for each location.
    – Shows the street view for each location (if it exists).
    – Mark locations as Favorites; export and import Favorites from the iPhone app.
    – Get directions to a location on the Apple Maps app.
    – Easy Internet search using various Internet search engines.

    This app is functionally similar to the iPhone version with a similar name, available from the iTunes App Store.

    This app is not associated with KOA in any way; it simply shows KOA locations.