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Free Last Ninja Pro — Endless Funny Jumping Ninja vs Zombies (100% discount)

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A survival game where you have to go as high as you can jumping from one platform to another, killing zombies & avoiding obstacles.

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App description

Hate to auto run or jump in endless action game? Want to full control your character to make every action all by yourself? Wanna challenge yourself with a special hard endless jumping game? Here it is.

Last Ninja is a traditional action game like those we played in childhood. Not like other endless jumping game, the game’s role won’t auto run or jump.

In this game the ninja can move, stand still, short jump, long jump, jump attack, attack, and use 2 different skills to fight with zombies.

It is a hard action game, and the difficulty will slowly increase during jumping, more different floors and different zombies will appear. There are totally 10 different sort of zombies and 8 different floors in this game. By killing zombies, the ninja can get level upgraded like a RPG game, there are also many different item can be collected and used.

It is a easy-to-operate but not easy game, everything is controlled by yourself, have fun with it.

How to play:

Tilt to move left or right , No tilt to stand still Quick tap to jump to higher floor Long Press to start a long jump Touch the attack button to attack the zombies Touch the skill button to cast skill Touch the items’ icon to use items

~beautiful 2D Art ~8 different types of floors ~10 different zombies

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iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, and iPod Touch 5th generation Compatible! iPod 4th generation can run but maybe a little slow. Must have IOS 6.0 or higher!

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