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    - Main Features:
    • Gesture controls for basic iPod functions.
    • Portrait and Landscape layouts.
    • 21 built-in skins/themes.
    • User skin. Use your favourite image as background!
    • View official site of current track’s artist.
    • Quick web search for related YouTube videos.
    • Wikipedia info on artist.
    • Programmable 2-finger gesture controls for easy access to frequently used functions.
    • A more powerful media browser with music queuing and playlist management.
    • Auto-lock disable function with paused music override.
    • Time display.
    • Share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share with friends what you are currently listening!
    • Audio route button to easily change audio output including Airplay and Bluetooth devices.
    • Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Korean and Traditional Chinese languages supported.

    – All customizable gesture controls:
    • Tap: Play/Pause music
    • Left/Right Swipe: Previous/Next track
    • Up/Down Swipe: Volume control
    • Double-Tap: Toggle Shuffle Mode
    • Triple-Tap: Toggle Repeat Mode
    • 2-Finger Tap: Play All Media
    • 2-Finger Up/Down: Switch Playlist
    • 2-Finger Left/Right: Forward/Rewind (quick-swipe to skip 30s)
    • Shake: Shuffle play songs.
    • Tap & Hold: Play current artist.
    • 2-FingerTap & Hold: Share on Facebook.

    1. PCbasics

      [@Mick] I have used this app since 2012 and I can say it is a great app, I agree on you with that, but the last update was just in Dec of last year, and to me that isn’t that long. Especially when the latest update (v3.1), included a plethora of new features.

    2. Mick


      Allow me to publish this remark:

      I already bought this LeechTunes app some time ago, after the launch of iOS v7.0 because then, it was the very first third party music app with quite a nice look (lay-out), fully compatible (and only made for) iOS v7 … a fantastic alternative for the native music player on my iPad. Perfect eye-candy. That’s what I thought.

      Unfortunately this app has been updated (and bugfixed) only once. That is not enough to compete with other and better apps! Nowadays it becomes somewhat obsolete, because of the lack of updates and no bugfixes, so other and newer apps currently have my preference… apps that are regulary updated in order to stay compatible with (current) iOS v7.1 …or brandnew music apps that are solely working if you own an iPhone or iPad with at least iOS v7 installed.

      Too bad, back in the days I paid for an app that surely was a great one, but I despise the lack of updates and bugfixes!!! For now it’s just obsolete garbage anymore…. until the day that fresh updates with bugfixes reappear, for it is necessary!

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