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    – Main Features:
    • Gesture controls for basic iPod functions.
    • Portrait and Landscape layouts.
    • 21 built-in skins/themes.
    • User skin. Use your favourite image as background!
    • View official site of current track’s artist.
    • Quick web search for related YouTube videos.
    • Wikipedia info on artist.
    • Programmable 2-finger gesture controls for easy access to frequently used functions.
    • A more powerful media browser with music queuing and playlist management.
    • Auto-lock disable function with paused music override.
    • Time display.
    • Share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share with friends what you are currently listening!
    • Audio route button to easily change audio output including Airplay and Bluetooth devices.
    • Spanish, German, Japanese, French, Korean and Traditional Chinese languages supported.

    – All customizable gesture controls:
    • Tap: Play/Pause music
    • Left/Right Swipe: Previous/Next track
    • Up/Down Swipe: Volume control
    • Double-Tap: Toggle Shuffle Mode
    • Triple-Tap: Toggle Repeat Mode
    • 2-Finger Tap: Play All Media
    • 2-Finger Up/Down: Switch Playlist
    • 2-Finger Left/Right: Forward/Rewind (quick-swipe to skip 30s)
    • Shake: Shuffle play songs.
    • Tap & Hold: Play current artist.
    • 2-FingerTap & Hold: Share on Facebook.