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    Enjoy the game and get it for FREE until 2014 !

    Not your usual ball game!

    An exciting arcade action game of amazing races against time to play forever on your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad.

    Awesome 3D graphics, excellent music and sound effects and superb physics are the winning key for this great game.

    Challenge people from all over the world through integrated OpenFeint service. Notify your friends with your high-scores and achievements. Find gamers and high-scores around you.

    Control the ball with accelerometer and touchscreen.
    32 exciting levels with many different tricks and obstacles.
    Unlock new features and levels step by step!

    Challenge your friends, who will be the fastest?


    – 32 challenging tracks + 8 in the new space levels add-on
    – 5 beautiful worlds: East, South, West, North and Space
    – Superb realtime physics
    – Get pass the levels with different racing styles.
    – Several physics-based obstacles: foe-ball, parking lot, high jump, mills, carousels and more!
    – Bonus to improve your race time
    – Rechargeable hydrogen “nitro” boost allows you to make crazy shortcuts!
    – New “marbles” to play with: Softball, Basketball, Golfball, Pinball, Beachball, RedMarble
    – Original music and sound effects
    – Accelerometer and touch screen controls
    – High quality production and full 3D accelerated OGL ES graphic
    – OpenFeint global leaderboards achievements and challenges
    – OpenFeint Challenge Friend 
    – GameCenter Achievements
    – Universal: iPad HD resolution and Retina Display included
    – Built for iOS4.2

    Bored with the original soundtracks ? 
    The game supports listening to your iPod music while in game.

    Featured by Apple in New and Noteworthy world wide

    “Games like this are what has lead Nintendo to comment that Apple is its competitor of the future.”

    The Guardian: “[…] the puzzles are challenging and satisfying, making the game dangerously addictive.”

    IndieAppolis: ” […] is a really nice marble game with lots to offer.”

    ICasual | The Portable Gamer: “[…] Beautiful 3d graphics and fun fast paced game play is on the table with today’s show”

    iPhone Canada: “[…] there are some really nice 3D visuals with great sounds in each level and the physics engine is very accurate. “

    Touch Reviews: “There’s a lot of variety between the 4 worlds and 32 tracks which keeps things interesting as you progress through the four worlds.”

    Capsule Computers: “You’re flying off the course onto the next object, always changing gameplay. This is the gyroscope game to buy.” – 8.5/10

    iFanzine: “[…] impressively true to life physics and a “aw, just one more go” quality that’s more addictive than caffeine, and more likely to get your heart pounding too.” – 8/10

    AppChat: “Awesome accelerometer game” – 5/5

    Brutal Gamer: “[…] It’s good looking and the levels and environments are varied.” – 7/10

    SlapApp: “What’s not to love! Mad O Ball 3D is a flat out awesome game” – 5/5

    Common Sense: “[…] is a real test of balance and agility.” – 4/5

    Apptapper: “Mad O Ball 3D is a great universal app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.”

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    are motivating us in bringing you a better game !

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