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    Microseven app is designed for an IP camera (network camera) management system. It is not only a viewer of IP camera (network camera), but also it is doing configuration and a management system. It can do searching camera IP address in local network, and modifying camera IP address. You can add camera IP address other than local IP address without searching the address to Microseven. You can view camera video live online. App includes PTZ functions to allow you remotely control pan, tilt, and zoom on Microseven IP cameras (Microseven network cameras).

    You can edit OSD’ (On-screen display) name, date and time. You can set up camera’s network settings. And to be able to change and modify video resolutions, and streaming type which primary and secondary streaming, and quality of video image. The feature of editing bitrate of video streaming is the best in this App. To be able to update new firmware features. You can do search Wi-Fi AP, allows you enter Wi-Fi encryption key to connect camera wirelessly.

    What’s new

    Add new function for multiple cameras view in one screen and allow users to add multiple cameras in one screen up to 16 cameras. One screen is as a group, each group handles maximum 16 cameras, you can add as many groups as you can in the app.