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  • Free More or Less – What’s Your Number? (100% discount)

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    This app is based on the award-winning board game – More or Less!

    The game can be played by 3-8 persons on just ONE iPhone or iPad!

    More or Less is a funny and very different quiz. You will probably not know the exact answers to each question, so you have to use your common sense and at the same time try to trick your competitors using your suggestions or tactics. It is all about getting closest to the correct answer and never answer too high, if someone chose less – or the other way around…

    Here are some of the hard questions from the game:
    – What percentage of the world’s men are left-handed?
    – How many grams on average does an adult human brain weigh?
    – How many murders were committed in the Netherlands in 2010?
    – How many steps are there to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

    The default game has 150 questions which offer hours of fun and competitive gaming.

    You can add different additional question-packages themed around topics like: ”Sexy”, ”Sports”, ”Music”, ”Celebs” etc. You can even combine the packages in a single game!

    More or Less is a perfect game for parties or simply great fun with your friends. And you can bring the whole quiz game in your pocket.

    On top of that you will get to know things that no one else really knows!

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