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  • Free Ninja Volley 2 (100% discount)

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    The Ninja Volley League is a secret network of extreme volleyball duels where hundreds of little ninjas test their skills every year. Are your focus and reflexes sharp enough to compete? Unique and addictive 2D volleyball gameplay

    * RPG-like leveling system with equipment upgrades;
    * 18 Special techniques to master;
    * Online multiplayer with global leaderboards;
    * Bluetooth duels to challenge your friends;
    * Thousands of possible customizations for your ninjas.

    Reviews from last year’s edition: “As if volleyball wasn’t a fun sport already, adding ninjas to the mix automatically makes things 10x better!” – The Android Arcade, 8/10
    “A new way to use your ninja skills. Highly recommendable game.” – Apps Zoom, 7/10

    To activate PRO version: go to Menu -> Training Section -> Redeem Code and enter APPOFTHEDAY