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  • Free Peekaboo Universe (100% discount)

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    Discover the Universe – find 7 cute aliens!
    Our well-known Peekaboo game is back on iPad with new levels, new illustrations and even more fun!

    Peekaboo! Guess Who? Play in our new hide-and-seek game in the real Universe!

    What’s interesting in Peekaboo Universe?
    • 10 beautifully illustrated planets: Fairy, Candy, Techno, Mushrooms, Skeletons, Underwater, Fluffy, Circus, Island, and Moon
    • All the levels are open to play
    • New sounds, beautiful animations and artistic design
    • A parental lock system
    • No time limits, advertising, and in-app purchases

    Other features you’ll recognise from the previous Peekaboo game:
    •Use simple controls that are very intuitive and make the game easy to play
    •The hiding spots change randomly every time you play
    •Every character says a short phrase when you find and tap on him
    •Amazing background sounds
    •Enable the hints that will help you find the hidden characters
    •Find all the characters in a scene to hear cheerful applause

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