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Free Poetry Terminology Reference (100% discount)

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Includes a collection of comprehensive poetry terms along with a short description.

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App description

Want to take your knowledge of poetry terminology to the next level?

Enter Poetry Terminology Reference App. It provides you a comprehensive list of terms related to Poetry with its brief description.

It is not limited to the definition provided in the App. It enables you to search more for the term using pre-created queries for further research.

It also provides Wikipedia references on select terms who has their associated Wiki page created.

WHAT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH + ENHANCE your knowledge about poetry as a subject + GET INFORMED about minute terms that will help you better understand literature related with poetry + Perform Web RESEARCH on the subject using pre-created queries

HIGHLIGHTS + Full text SEARCH + BROWSE Alphabetically + RAMDOM Browse (Have some fun!) + RESEARCH further using Web Search, Wikipedia and YouTube + MARK as Favorite for future reference + Reduce or Increase Text Size + SHARE via Facebook, Twitter or Email

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have tried to ensure utmost accuracy about the information provided. While we don’t assume any responsibility about the accuracy of the information, we will try to rectify should you discover any discrepancy. We do not claim any copyright over content. The information is researched through various sources including web, printed books and other sources. Our copyrights are limited to the way data is presented (the “software” part; not the “content” part) only. The whole objective of this App is to make the data available to you in a way it is meaningful for your research or future reference.

Possibly the best reference app on the App store on Poetry Reference. Download it today!

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