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    The only app that helps you save money on Amazon!

    Start saving now with PriceRadar, the best app to monitor your Amazon’s favorite products!

    Amazon’s products are often subjected to price variations, either up or down: for this reason, you can select for every product a target price and get a push notification when the price drops!

    How it works? When our systems identify a price lower than the price you desire for a product, they send a notification to your device, so you can istantly purchase the item and save money!

    The app also provides the product’s trend which you’re monitoring and tells you if the price has gone up or down since you added the item, so you always know if you have done a good deal or not.

    It’s not necessary to have an Amazon account, you can track the items that you like anyway!
    The app works for most of the items available on Amazon’s worldwide stores (at the moment it doesn’t work for Kindle Books)

    PriceRadar supports a maximum of 10 items. You can upgrade the number of items by in-App purchases!

    PriceRadar is completely translated in English!

    With future upgrades you will get amazing new features 😉