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    QBlocks allows you to design resolution independent graphics for your iOS or OSX projects. QBlocks help developers and graphics artists to achieve greats result with no effort. With his easy to use UI and its objects oriented tools gives an amazing workflow. The strength of QBlocks is in its architecture based on plugins blocks that delivers the versatility and potential for growth, over time the App will allow us to strengthen and even improve with the help of users.
    QBlocks generates Objective-C code for iOS and OSX at run time, you can look at any time the Quartz 2D base code that QB produce. Is an easy to follow separated blocks for easy understanding. QB also generates Graphics files format for those who just need the graphics result, JPG, PNG y TIFF will help any designer to do their job.


    * Pro vector 2D tools, based on Bezier curve drawing
    * Real Time Preview of your work at any size
    * Export in JPG, TIFF, PNG and PDF files format
    * Support iOS & OSX, export NSView and UIView implementation files.
    * Easy to follow and readable code generation
    * Based in Quartz 2D code API
    * Plugin Architecture for easy to add and improve features

    Rectangle, Round Rectangle, Oval, Polygon, Star, Bezier Path, Text Objects
    Text to Bezier Path, Boolean Operations on Objects, Union, Intersection, Difference
    Bezier Editing, Sharp & Round Points, Open & Close Path
    Align, Distribute, Flip & Rotate Objects, Group & Ungroup
    Snap to, Show Grid, Color Grid, Grid Spacing
    Predefined Canvas sizes, Custom Size
    Dynamic Colors, Colors with different Opacity, Brightness, Shadows, Highlight
    Drag and Drop UI for Blocks Library
    Basic Blocks Library : Settings, Clip Path, Color, Width, Stroke Path, Color, Fill Path, Gradient, Shadow, Inner Shadow, Text, Picture
    Quick Mode, Smart Guides, Pan, Zoom in, Zoom Out, Custom Zoom, Predefined Zoom
    Dynamic Gradient Library
    Real Time Code Generation, Options for iOS & OSX