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  • Free Reading Leveler (100% discount)

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    The purpose of this application is to help you the educator/parent/student organize and identify appropriate grade level material.

    -Access to all books with a Lexile® Measure;
    -Quickly scan and search titles utilizing a title’s ISBN;
    -Level a piece of text by typing or speaking;
    -View all leveled texts through the Global Library.

    With the introduction of common core standards, knowing the Lexile® Measure of a particular text is becoming increasingly important.

    The Reading Leveler serves to help on two fronts. The “Leveled Books” tab provides you access to all of the titles that have a Lexile® Measure. You can search the database by title, the author’s last name, grade level equivalent, or Lexile® Measure. By selecting a particular title you can read a summary of the story along with getting immediate access to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

    The Reading Leveler also provides the user the ability to calculate an approximate grade level of a piece of text utilizing the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. Many teachers and reading specialists search for appropriate reading material that range from books to periodicals to short stories. The user can simply type in a paragraph or read aloud utilizing Siri. If the user identifies a good piece of reading material and levels it, they can then save it to their “My Level Text” tab. That leveled text will also be shared with everyone else in the Global Library.