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  • Free Rock Paper Laser! (100% discount)

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    Rock Paper Laser! takes the well-loved game to a whole new level with the addition of 3 new hands; Dog, Water and the all-powerful Laser.All wrapped up in an action-packed and exciting new game with new rules!

    * Dog, Water and Laser joins Rock, Paper and Scissors.
    * Survive against a CPU controlled hand meant to stop you from getting a high score.
    * Play against your friends or family with the 2-player mode.
    * Also contains the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game.
    * Learn the rules to play Rock Paper Laser by hand.
    * Fast, Fun and Family-Friendly
    * Publish your score in the online scoreboard, Facebook & Twitter. (powered by Agon Online)
    * 6 backgrounds – Boxing ring, wood, art, etc.
    * easy to learn, fun to master