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  • Free Simply Gomoku 2 (100% discount)

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    With over two million players all over the world, Simply Gomoku proved itself to be the BEST board game on iOS, until NOW. The sequel to this most successful gomoku game comes with better algorithm, better graphics and over 100 improvements.

    The rule is simple, be the first to get an unbroken row of five pieces horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game. Like any strategy game with simple rules, good offense-defense balance is the key to win. 

    15×15 standard Gomoku board
    3 difficulty levels makes it fun for everyone from new learner to professional players
    Single player and two players mode
    Standard Gomoku and Renju mode selection (Restricted move setting)
    Intuitive and adjustable touch control
    Zoom in and zoom out for precise move
    Sound and music
    Build-in tutorial
    Details statistics to show your improvement
    Game Center support across iOS and Mac

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