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Free SnapStill (100% discount)

$1.99 Free!

With this app, you can grab a single frame from any video in your camera roll. You can save the single frame of the video as a picture and share them to any of the major social media sites with ease.

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App description


‣ Easily snap photos from video. ‣ Quickly find the exact images you want to snap simply by dragging left and right to move forward and backward—scroll quickly with the timeline and go for frame-by-frame precision by pulling on the video itself. ‣ Snaps photos using the video’s original resolution, producing the best possibile quality. Unlike screenshots, there are no annoying black bars and image quality isn’t degraded by upscaling or downscaling. ‣ Record new videos to snap from within the app. ‣ Access existing recordings from your Camera Roll. ‣ Import videos using iTunes Files Sharing. ‣ Save a copy of every still so that even if you delete the original video, you can always view or share it later. ‣ Select multiple stills at once for batch sharing or deleting. ‣ Option to save stills to Camera Roll manually or automatically. ‣ Share stills on Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and more. ‣ Copy stills to memory and open in Messages app. ‣ Open stills and videos in compatible third-party apps. ‣ Save location and timing metadata so apps like Photos can accurately place stills on a map and in a timeline. ‣ Next generation look-and-feel with five color themes. ‣ Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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