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    12-year-old Suee Lee’s transfer to a new school in Outskirtsville isn’t going as smoothly as she could hope for in this wildly imaginative graphic novel written by Ginger Ly and illustrated by the artist Molly. Suee, who never did have many friends to begin with (by choice, she insists) suddenly has to contend with a most unexpected companion: her shadow, who talks too much and has a mind of its own.

    Suee’s troubles began when she passed out in the school display room on her first day after hearing a strange voice speaking to her from the darkness—and they might have something to do with the hollow-eyed “zero” children the evil vice principal is collecting for the class he intends to teach afterschool.

    Whatever the case, spunky Suee Lee’s strange travails and the ways she deals with them make for delightful—and deliciously eerie in the Neil Gaiman (Coraline) vein—reading for young audiences, manga aficionados, and graphic novel lovers of any age.

    • A Digital-first graphic novel in a universal app.
    • A Well-crafted and effectively creepy story for readers of all ages.
    • 4 Episodes, 110 pages of cute but dark illustration!
    • Real book like page flipping on iPad!
    • Eerie original sound track for each episode.