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  • Free Superburst Camera (100% discount)

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    · Up to 30 full-resolution 8 megapixel photos per second on iPhone 5s

    · Fast on all devices: 11-12/sec at top resolution on iPhone 4s, 5, and 5c

    · Slo-Mo Shutter Mode: Up to 120/sec on iPhone 5s and 60/second on iPhone 5 and 5c and iPod Touch

    · 720p or 1080p capture mode for 30/sec on iPhone 4s and higher

    · Supports front and back cameras and even lets you change orientation during the burst

    · Star in your own bursts with Selfie Mode Self-Timer

    · Easy zoom dial in supported modes

    · One-touch focus and exposure plus autofocus

    · Bursts available for immediate review—no endlessly spinning wheels

    · Pinch and zoom on photos so you can see every pixel you captured

    · Export entire bursts or individual photos