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    SXPD is an exhilarating action racing game and a state of the art digital comic book fused into one. Essentially the world’s first true game-comic book hybrid, SXPD offers you two top quality app experiences for the price of one. Play through each of the game’s six chapters to unlock and unravel the whole story.

    Set in the fictional, privately owned 52nd state of America called New Royale, a secret order is in possession of a modern day Pandora’s box; a weapon of mass destruction. Once opened, it will unleash a calamity upon New Royale.

    SXPD pursuit force Indigo is dispatched to stop the order at all cost and recover the destructive weapon, but time is running out…

    SXPD includes:
    – Full 42 page digital comic book
    – 6 chapters to play and read through
    – Action-packed chasing
    – Stylized black & white environments
    – Top quality comic book art by famous DC comic book artist Duke Mighten

    What’s new

    – Completely new tutorial and arcade modes for extra replayability!

    – Respawning made easier!
    – Several minor bugs fixed!