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Talisman Prologue HD (67% discount)

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Talisman Prologue HD is a fantasy adventure board game app that brings you 50 quests to play with 10 different characters.

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App description

0 years young, the prologue to the seminal fantasy adventure board game now available on tablets!

The legend begins with a single-player series of adventures designed to invite both veterans and newcomers to explore the land of Talisman. While multiplayer gameplay will be available in upcoming expansions, Talisman Prologue focuses on creating narrative depth through its single-player campaigns. The story unfolds as the player rolls dice to move around the outer, middle, and inner regions of the board. Each space will require the player to draw a card or resolve a special effect, leading your hero to encounter monsters, discover friendly followers, and gather treasure.

  • Based on the Talisman board game | true to the original for your tablet
  • Classic board gaming on the move | fun brief sessions anytime, anywhere
  • Single player play* | explore the land of Talisman
  • 10 classic board game characters | experience Talisman coming to life
  • 50 quests to play through | hours of gameplay to enjoy
  • Original soundtrack | enjoy the sounds of Talisman

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