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  • Free Wake Up ! Penguins (ad-free version) (100% discount)

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    Roddy is a little penguin that gets bored quickly when his friends are sleeping on the ice!

    Your mission is to wake all the penguins up in each level with Roddy and the various gameplay elements available in Wake Up ! Penguins.

    80 levels are available at the moment and more to come!

    Will you be able to get 3 stars on each level ?

    Key features:
    • 4 level packs for a total of 80 levels
    • Innovative game based on physics
    • Several gameplay elements (wind , gravity, jetpack , ropes, teleporters … )
    • Suits up Roddy the penguin ! ( Link, Mugiwara , Cpt Falcon , Mario … )
    • Outstanding graphics
    • Constant free updates with new levels and skinS for Roddy

    Google Play Games Services (leaderboard and achievements)

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    Language : English/French

    Music by

    To unlock ad-free version go to store–>code–>use promo code appgratis