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  • Free G7_Anthems (100% discount)

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    1. USA UK France Germany Italy Japan Canada, the G7 country national anthems.
    2. Playable national anthem scores and lyrics, not dumb PDF.
    3. Auto scrolling in playing or manual scrolling, easy to see scores and lyrics.
    4. Pointer on lyrics like TV karaoke plus pitch, speed, instrument adjustable abilities.
    5. Smart zoom function to change size of scores and lyrics.
    6. Teach your children to sing national anthem correctly.
    7. Extra bonus: any MP3 file downloads, saves to local, and replays for seven locations.

    *The Star Spangled Banner
    *God save the Queen
    *La Marseillaise
    *Inno d1 Mameli
    *君が代 Kimi Ga Yo
    *O Canada