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  • GhostHunter Pro (10% discount)

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    Pro version of GhostHunter.

    GhostHunter Pro is a compact comprehensive application intended to detect activities and anomalies based on the magnetic fluctuation pattern analysis which taken from magnetic sensor on the device. Paranormal Investigators may use this tool for assisting in validation of a spiritual haunting, or gathering information when investigating ghosts and other paranormal activity.

    This tool including many tool like radar detector to detects the direct cumulative fluctuation of anomaly patterns, which are displayed by color blips. Flux bar to detect magnetic fluctuation. Magnetic-Shock™ Analyzer, which displayed on upper right of radar screen to detect magnetic shock anomaly. Also, the magnetic energy translation to read paranormal communication intended to detect communicated words. The last words will be listed and voiced (if TTS are supported by device).

    GhostHunter Pro automatically chase for smallest activity possible and some implementation are adaptive with current environmental noise or behaviour of device magnetic sensor.

    This tool are designed to work best in still condition or at minimum moves (slow walk). Since it very sensitive to fluctuation, fast moving or rotation can also trigger it. Just like traditional compass replacement for EMF, but it’s digital.