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  • Glamourize – Home Screen + Lock Screen Customizer

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    Introducing Glamourize – Home Screen + Lock Screen Customizer.

    You can now customize your Home Screen and Lock Screen within seconds. With over 100+ Styles for both the Status Bar and Dock, Glamourize gives you the biggest bang for your buck. Add to that the fact that Glamourize comes with 50+ pre-loaded HD Wallpapers, which makes Glamourize the ONLY Complete Custom Status Bar and Dock app on the iTunes App Store with No In-App-Purchases. Yeah, you heard us. No In-App-Purchases. Because unlike other sellers on the iTunes App Store, we don’t believe in cheating our customer off their hard earned money. With Glamourize, what you see is EXACTLY what you get. No Gimmicks.

    How Glamourize Works:

    Glamourize is at its core a Photo Editor, that adds a bar at the Top and Bottom of the image, after which you can save the image to your Camera Roll and set it as a Wallpaper. The transparency effect of iOS gives your Homescreen the appearance of a Colored Status Bar and Dock.


    – 50+ Status Bar Styles
    – 50+ Dock Styles
    – 50+ HD Wallpapers
    – No Advertisements
    – No In-App-Purchases

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