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  • Guide for Crime City Edition (67% discount)

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    This is the best guide for you to be success in Crime City.

    Have you ever wondered how to be the NO.1 among 7 million people who are so hooked with this mafia war inspired app?

    We have to say, it is not easy to be the First in this gorgeous game. Many people love this fantastic role-playing theme with a realistic graphics design. Don't worry, Let's play with this guide!

    *Easy to USE!
    *Gorgeous Guide Ever Before!
    *News and Update for Crime City;
    *Full Cheats for Crime City iOS Version
    *Knowledge of Weapons & everything
    *Forums information
    *Hottest gameplay Videos Stragegy;

    With this great guide, you will be easily go to the top of the game! No one will be your Enemy! Just enjoy the game!

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    Legal Disclaimer:
    Wiki for Crime City is from Melonzone and it is an Unofficial Guide for the game Crime City.