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  • He Likes The Darkness

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    Hi Likes The Darkness – a story about a little creature named Paul, who wholeheartedly loves darkness. So imagine all the sadness of this creature , when the sky the stars appear . Starlight dispels all darkness , making sweet creature simply can not find a place for himself . And the only one who can help him in this situation – it's you.

    Huge world , which is home to our little protagonist, is composed of 5 different planets that consist of 75 levels – they will last you a long time) .

    Since each planet – it's completely different gameplay. For example, on the blue planet you have to jump the most , and on the red – run. Green Planet – this puzzle , purple – this is the place where it all depends on your agility , reaction and attention, and purple – this is the place where you have to get away from the laser shots .

    However, the general features are present on all planets . Driving a small black creature, you need to collect all the stars at a particular level . Unlike many similar scenario games, you need not just " run through the stars ", and being next to it , click on the special button to control you being able to grab the star of his foot. But the most interesting – on.

    Each collected star you make the world darker. After lighting will be less and less. Accordingly, when you take in your pocket last star , the world is completely envelop the darkness . And here begins the most difficult . After all, you need not just to collect all the stars to back the darkness , but also to get to the finish line , which is usually located in a completely different level from the end of the last star.

    In addition , there is one more thing that complicates the gameplay – this timer. On the passage of each level you play a certain amount of time . During this time, you need to have time to collect all the stars and reach the finish line . Generally , if you want the timer can be disabled . It can only be built with the help of shopping.

    He Likes The Darkness – is an exciting game with great graphics .