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  • Hide photos and videos with Private Album (100% discount)

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    +Passcode access to private albums
    +Smart auto lock: locks in few seconds if left on a flat surface
    +Import photos and videos from phone albums
    +Capture photos of intruders
    +Backup your data to Dropbox
    And more…
    Level up your privacy in storing your private moments. Keep your personal photos and videos safe and hidden with secure passcode, restricted swiping across your albums and a smart auto lock that detects when you put down your phone. Backup to dropbox, capture intruders and a simple interface make it the most advanced app to protect and hide your private pictures and videos today.

    • Smart auto lock function: 
You left your phone on the table without locking it? No worries, the app locks itself when you leave your phone in a horizontal position.

    • Show off your videos and photos without worries: 
Just select the pictures you want to show, and you can confidently pass your phone to your curious friends. They’ll try to browse through your photo albums, but they can only view what you want them to.

    • Catch the intruder: 
The app takes pictures of intruders who try to peek into your pictures.

    • Just look at it: 
A neatly designed, intuitive interface makes a good app even better.

    • Never miss the moment: 
Make a quick snapshot without entering the passcode.

    More features:

    • Share by e-mail, Facebook or export to your iPhone’s Photos app. More sharing features are coming soon.

    • Restore your lost password by email

    • Manage albums, pictures and videos just like you're used to

    • Import/Export from Photos library (you need to then manually delete them due to Apple security restriction)

    • Optionally delete all photos after 10 bad attempts

    • Play your photos as a Slideshow

    • You can record and play videos as well