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  • Free Ideas Blitz (100% discount)

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    Ideas Blitz is a mini brainstorming tool to help you generate ideas and solve problems quickly.

    It can be used by individuals or groups and teams.

    Ideas Blitz is being used by thousands of students, managers, leaders and small business owners all over the world.

    Dr Ken Hudson's Insight:

    Ideas Blitz is built on an insight of Dr Ken Hudson.

    He noticed that what stops most people from being creative is their internal filtering system (e.g. what if I make a mistake).

    Through trial and error he found the best way to overcome this was to generate ideas fast.

    He called this new way of creating — Speed Thinking and the tool — Ideas Blitz.

    The aim with Ideas Blitz is to create 9 ideas in 2 minutes!

    Ken calls this the magic formula.

    Then you can enhance, prioritise and share your ideas with others.

    Ideas Blitz is simple, practical and an energising way to brainstorm ideas quickly.

    You will amaze yourself at what you can achieve in the next few minutes!