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    Create text boxes with your notes and ideas. Arrange and rearrange them. Draw connections between them. Change fonts, colors, add arrows, place graphics on the canvas. Separate topics into their own tabs. 

    Junkyard can be used to:

    * UNLOAD YOUR THOUGHTS and get them organized. Unpack ideas and draw the connections between them. Make the complex understandable, and manageable.

    * PRODUCE CRISP, HIGH QUALITY DIAGRAMS for any situation where you need to illustrate relationships.

    * CREATE AN OUTLINE DOCUMENT which can be opened in any word processor and used as the foundation of an essay, research paper, legal argument, and so on. The “Show Outline” command automatically transforms your diagrams into a neatly organized, hierarchical text document with optional paragraph numbering. 

    * OVERCOME PROCRASTINATION by making it easy to express and progressively build up your ideas. When you can’t seem to get started on a project, just doubleclick on the canvas and type a few words. Then do it again, and again. Connect the pieces. Click “Show Outline” and suddenly you have the framework of a document.

    Key features: 

    * Entirely free form: create notes anywhere, connected to other notes in any way that you want

    * Tabbed browser: organize your document into main topics, improve focus, reduce clutter

    * Export to all major graphical formats including PNG, TIFF, JPG and PDF

    * Draft document view: print or export your notes (RTF) as a hierarchical, numbered document, to serve as the foundation for development into an essay, report, etc. 

    * Full iCloud support for automatically synchronizing documents and preferences across multiple Macs

    Other features: 
    * Easy, simple interface 
    * Double-click the canvas to create a new note 
    * Customize each note’s color and border 
    * Full control over font, size and style 
    * Drag to create connections to other notes 
    * Change the color, line style, curvature and arrow style of connection lines 
    * Drag and drop local or web-based images and text 
    * Automatically detect and remember dragged in source file paths/web URLs 
    * Infinite canvas automatically grows and shrinks as needed 
    * Time-saving customizable color selection using predefined color schemes 
    * Full screen mode 
    * Unlimited number of tabs, rearrange tabs by dragging, cut and paste text notes between tabs 
    * Undo/redo 
    * Full featured mind-mapping tool 
    * Full support for Retina displays