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    Just Call Me Pro locates any iPhone phone number around the world, by just calling it. The locating iPhone doesn’t need to answer the call.

    Few Use Cases

    Wish you can find your family member or the significant other just by calling them?
    We have a new technology breakthrough.   Now, you can find your family member or your significant other just by calling them.

    Let’s say a mom needs to locate her daughter or son, who said “I will be in a library studying with friends”  or “I will be in my friend’s house”.   

    Just call your child’s iPhone.*  Within 15 seconds, this app will inform you the child’s whereabouts on a map.

    Unlike other apps, this app does not continuously report the user location. And, it does not silently report the location without the other user’s acknowledgement. And, this app reports the location of the other user only when you call them.

    And, you don’t have to make a full call to the other user.  Just make it ring few times and hang up.  That’s all.  The other user doesn’t have to answer it to make it work.

    Because of this, the child knows the parent is making the location request, when a call is received from the parent.

    Use it to find your significant other.   Use it to locate a coworker, a friend, a classmate or just a family member.

    Here is how to enable Just Call Me Pro in iOS 8 for iPhone.

    Set the correct phone number without the international prefix. For example, if you are in USA, “1+” international prefix is not needed. To provide your phone number correctly, provide only digits. For example, let’s your iPhone phone number is 1-310-555-1212, then enter only “3105551212” to register your phone number with Just Call Me Pro.

    Providing an international prefix is not required. If the international calling prefix is provided, Just Call Me Pro will not work.

    Just Call Me Pro works only with iPhone phone numbers.*

    Once Just Call Me Pro is installed on iPhone, it must be configured with its own correct phone number. If Just Call Me Pro is entered with an incorrect phone number, Just Call Me Pro won’t work.

    In order to use Just Call Me Pro in iOS 8 for iPhone, please make sure both iPhones have these settings.

    1) Enable Background App Refresh for Just Call Me Pro.

    2) Enable Location Services for Just Call Me Pro

    3) Enable Cellular Data under Settings / Cellular.

    *Just call me pro is battery optimized. Continued use of GPS running in background can dramatically decrease battery life.