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  • Free Key Text Browser 2.0 (100% discount)

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    Do not read your text or documents, watch them or play them as games instead, while listening to harp music.

    Never before an app that give you all these functionalities with the amazing support of the AUTO function that exist every where in the application that let you sit back and watch without even having to use your finger to slide or turn pages.

    – A game of Free the Bird based on your text . A band new game idea invented and created by ©
    – A game of Secret Word based on your text
    – A two columns style newspaper generated from your text of key info with animated turnable pages.
    – A street banner slide show of key points with auto sliding and a light switch functionalities.
    – A self organizing animating tree with harp music. Sit back and relax while you watch your tree of text.
    – A graph representation of the text with scanning functionality to point to what is important in your text, you can zoom, scroll, go forward, go backward and watch it animate.
    – A list of key phrases
    – A list of Key Paragraphs
    – A list of Key points
    – Colorful HTML view of your flat text
    – A search functionality
    – 6 level of analysis that start from a (shallow) analysis all the way to a deep analysis
    – Sound alerts and sound effects
    – Balloon help to guide you to use the app
    – An embedded complete help file in the application

    The app is now offered for free, so write a good review if you like it!.

    All the ideas, graphic art names are property of ©

    © All rights reserved.