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  • Kids Brain Trainer – Pro (50% discount)

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    The full version of “Kids Brain Buddy (Preschool)” application: containing 96 puzzles!
    The game contains 4 section: (1) Match an image and its shadow. (2) Find the odd image in a collection of images. (3) Match images to its families. (4) Memory game; match cards.

    Let your child’s brilliance soar through “Kids Brain Buddy Pro (Preschool)”.
    Completely safe and having NO ads, this game proves to be the best kids game to help your child grow, learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off. With four fun, colorful and educational sections, “Kids Brain Buddy Pro (Preschool)” has 96 games specifically designed to contribute to, exercise and develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills (such as visual attention, visual-spatial relations, short term memory, visual-motor coordination, bi-lateral coordination, tactile skills and much more).

    Developed by a computer programmer and an occupational therapist, “Kids Brain Buddy Pro (Preschool)” aims to be as educational and beneficial as possible; and being fathers themselves, these developers know how important -and tricky- it can be to keep children interested while learning. “Kids Brain Buddy Pro (Preschool)” is updated at least twice a month with fun, new, graphics, puzzles and more to keep your little ones having fun!
    This highly educational app is not only designed for children 3+ (including special needs children), but also for any parents, teachers, or other professionals working in the field of child development.

    “Kids Brain Buddy Pro (Preschool)” includes four fun-packed parts with a number of colorfully themed and leveled games:
    1. Shadow: 36 mind-exercising levels of matching a figure to its shadow
    2. Differences: 36 fun levels of identifying the image that does not belong
    3. Match It!: 12 exciting games of matching a picture to the figure provided.
    4. Memory: 12 colorful games of matching memory cards; each game of three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

    This educational game is truly developed with every child’s best interest at heart and serves as an accurate way to access you child’s basic skills, as well as develop them. Forqan Smart Technology believes that by doing, playing and exploring, children learn best. Have your child develop essential motor and cognitive skills doing just that- doing, playing, exploring, and having endless fun with a safe game.

    Reveal your child’s brilliance and help their brain grow- download “Kids Brain Buddy (Preschool)” today.