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  • Koch Morse Trainer Pro (50% discount)

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    ON SALE 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!Take your morse code to the next level with Koch Morse Trainer Pro. The only trainer that supports prosigns (procedural signals) and non-english characters on Android. NOW WITH TESTING FEATURE!

    Learn or improve your morse code in a short amount of time. The Koch method is designed to teach you morse at full speed. There’s no need to learn at slow speeds then re-learn all the characters again once you increase your wpm.

    If you wish to start off slow or simply want to pass your 5 wpm morse exam, this app has adjustable speeds to suit your needs.

    KMT uses Farnsworth timings like the ARRL use for their transmissions and practice tapes. You can increase the gap between characters so you still learn them at full speed but not feel overwhelmed by the frequency they are sent.
    Main Features:

    ✓ Character and word speeds are fully adjustable between 5 and 50 wpm in 1 wpm increments
    ✓ Six modes: random, 100 common words, 1000 common words, QSO (includes prosigns), callsign, custom text (which also allows you to input & practice prosigns also)
    ✓ Test yourself! Input what you’re hearing and calculate your results to see how well you’re doing
    ✓ Warm up feature which plays the latest character prior to the main session
    ✓ Character setup option screen to include/exclude characters, such as punctuation, prosigns and non-english characters. This also allows you to learn additional characters
    ✓ Adjustable group size with option to fix size in random mode
    ✓ Adjustable pre-session delay and session time (1 minute to 30 minutes)
    ✓ Adjustable tone frequency (200Hz – 2000Hz)
    ✓ Background noise (QRM) simulator (3 levels)
    ✓ SayIt feature which tells you the latest character if text to speech is available
    ✓ Favour recent characters option for those new characters so they are played more often
    ✓ Display character before or after it’s sent
    ✓ Plus lots of customisable options to change