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  • Lens Blur (80% discount)

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    Transform your photos into a true, dreamy bokeh effect using this lens simulator.Everyone needs a gorgeous individualized background image for their social profile, blog, web/UI design, presentation or wallpaper, right? So why not equip yourself with this easy-to-use app and create your own unique artwork?Unlike traditional image editors, Lens Blur comes with real-world lens profiles and lets you simulate what could only be achieved by those expensive lens before:• Accurately emulating lens defocused effects including those silky specular highlights, aka “bokeh”• Making abstract backgrounds by extremely defocusing any image using a very large aperture and focal length• Soft focus – adjustable spherical aberration that gives glamour and a dreamy effectHere’s what you can do with Lens Blur:• Create inspiring, “bokehlicious” fine art• Personalize your social profiles with unique cover pictures for self-expression• Build stylish and attractive web pages with a large blurred background• Add depth to UI design by using an out-of-focus background layer to make the overlay text look even sharper• Generate unique abstract textures and use them as wallpapers or presentation backgrounds• Create creative 2D/3D bokeh art as never seen beforeWith the newly added soft focus lens, you can easily create a velvety soft image perfect for: • Portraits• Kids and pets• Flowers and fruits• Landscapes or any subject that needs a soft touch Lens Blur takes advantage of the latest OS X technology to accelerate optical simulation and supports:• Import of all popular image formats, including RAW• Export to iPhoto, Aperture, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

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