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  • Free LifeStamps PRO – Pics and Photos Frame or Collage Maker (100% discount)

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    "Stamp Your Life!" (Free App!!)

    A truly unique one of a kind photo collage app to create collage arts the easiest way ever!

    Three modes in one app – Thumbnail, Stamp, and Brush Modes give you greater flexibility in creating artistic photo collage!

    Choose a Background, Add Thumbnails, Stamp Cool Icons and Draw Something on it!

    Superb Features:
    √ 8 Built-In Beautifully Textured Background Image (Portrait or Landscape option)
    √ Or load your own background from Library or Camera
    √ 16 Fun Stamp Icons (more coming in future update!)
    √ Random Size/Angle Feature of Stamps
    √ 6 Custom Brushes for "Brush Mode" for you to draw with your finger.
    √ Easy to use interface
    √ Add a Maximum of 100 Thumbnail photos to your collage creation!
    √ Each is drawn on separate layer so they don't get mixed up!

    Nothing else to say, see the screenshots for yourself, and you'll love it!