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  • LilyView (60% discount)

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    LilyView is a lightweight, Mutli-Touch friendly image viewer that’s handy and doesn’t get in your way.

    • Lightweight. There’s no image library to load, you just browse images in a folder.
    • Chromeless. No controls are visible until they are really necessary.
    • Multi-Touch friendly. You can literally touch the image when using a trackpad, but LilyView works just fine with keyboard and mouse.

    And it’s only the beginning…

    What’s new

    – Open current image in an external editor (File > Open in Editor).
    – Print images (File > Print…).
    – New zoom commands: Command+2 for 200%, Command+4 for 50%.
    – New mode for the Automatic Zoom: Keep Zoom Level.
    – The option to quit LilyView when its main window is closed.
    – Looped navigation through images in a folder (swipe or press left/right arrow twice when reached a folder end).
    – Two-finger swipe now used for navigating through images regardless of the system’s swipe settings.
    – Removed Escape key shortcut to open Finder (use File > Show in Finder menu command instead).
    – Preferences split into two tabs.
    – Updated image sorting algorithm.
    – Improved RAW image handling.
    – Fixed UI freezing while browsing folders with very many images.
    – Optimized reading folder content (was slow with large folders on OSX Mavericks).
    – Improved handling of images over 8000×8000 px on OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion.
    – Fixed blurring large images at 100% zoom.
    – Fixed deleting images in OSX 10.7 Lion.
    – Images that could not be loaded now show “broken image” icon.
    – Fixed fullscreen mode on multiple displays.
    – Fixed the bug with resetting image file associations back to Preview.
    – Fixed bezel icons displayed on the last image of the folder.
    – Minor bug fixes and tweaks.