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  • LiveQuartz Photo Edit (50% discount)

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    A simple and powerful photo editor for the Mac.

    It is based on non destructive layers and filters. The layers are at the left and the filters are at the right of the window. To edit a photo, just drag it into the window (or layers’ list) and it will be added as a new layer. LiveQuartz supports Gestures (Multi-Touch) and fully supports Retina Display.


    FAQ :

    TWITTER : @livequartz

    “This is a great app been using it long before the new interface and it keeps getting better…..for a smooth work flow choose Live Quartz…….” – JQdaproducer (2.1.1)

    “I enjoy Mac style Apps because they make artistic sense to me. I like to have as little math, tangent calculations, and non creative tasks involved  when I am creating artwork and graphic design projects. With LiveQuartz, pencils act like pencils, and brushes brush. Actions are smooth and simple as putting a pen to paper. The layers behave magically and the various composites and photo effects are fluid and intuitive. Each time I use this program, I find new tools and combinations that help add to the fun of creating. Great program.” – Phil Seymour (2.0.3)

    • Top 5 in France, Photo


    • “Layer moving tool”
    • “Brush”
    • “Duplication tool”
    • “Drawing tools” (lines, rectangles, rounded corners rectangles, ovals)
    • “Eraser tool”
    • “Background eraser tool”
    • “Gradient tools”
    • “Rich Text tool”
    • “Filter effect tool”
    • “Selection tool”
    • “Lasso”
    • “Hand”
    • “Magnifying glass”


    • rhif (native non destructive format), pdf, png, jpeg, jpeg2000, tiff, tga, gif, bmp, OpenEXR

    • Read only :
    raw, photoshop (merged layers), icns, sgi, Windows ico, Windows cursor, FlashPix, MacPaint, QuickTime Import Format, Radiance, XWindow bitmap


    New Mavericks exclusive filters + Standard Core Image Filters + Shadow filter + “Flip” geometry filter (more than 110 filters available)

    NOTE for mountain lion 10.8 and above OSX versions users : LiveQuartz adopts Auto Saving in Mountain Lion. “Save As” concept as been replaced by “Duplicate”.