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  • LoudLAB 3 (8% discount)

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    LoudLAB makes loudness monitoring & control of real-time audio and files a pleasant experience. Also, the editing capabilities and built-in FX’s provide all the necessary tools to produce great masters at an extraordinary price.

    LoudLAB 3 and Fluctus work great together, since they open each other files. Fluctus is a completely free application, and that means anyone can open LoudLAB projects making collaborative work easier. 


    LoudLAB includes a real-time metering suite that can be used on signals, with a channel setup that goes from mono to 5.1, and is completely independent from the file editor. 

    With it, engineers can measure real-time loudness levels to comply with EBU R-128 and ITU-R BS.1770-3 industry standards. It also includes a Spectrograph and a Goniometer + Phase Correlation.

    To help with loudness compliance on different territories, LoudLAB also provides a variety of metering scales and targets.


    • Momentary Loudness
    • Short-term Loudness
    • Integrated (a.k.a Programme) Loudness
    • Loudness Range (LRA)
    • True-Peak (a.k.a inter-sample peak)
    • Goniometer
    • Goniometer + Phase Correlation
    • Spectrograph


    The LoudLAB editor also provides all of the above real-time meters, plus PPM, RMS and maximum dBFS peak meters. Plus non real-time metering utilities such as a maximum True-Peak finder, a peak history graph (Amplitude Distribution) and a loudness history graph (Loudness Distribution), which is beautifully integrated with the Loudness Leveler to display the before and after compression levels. 


    All audio tools were carefully crafted for LoudLAB, to guarantee a discrete and yet unique sound experience, that can not be heard elsewhere. 

    • Multiband (3) Linear-Phase Compressor / Expander
    • 8 Band Graphic Equalizer
    • Loudness Leveler
    • Limiter / Maximizer 
    • Amplitude Normalizer
    • Declipper
    • MS Encoder / Decoder
    • File Playback Speed (normal and pitch corrected)


    The editor provides operations like: Delete, Erase, Trim, Cut, Copy, Paste, Reverse, Insert Silence, Phase Invert, MS Encode / Decode and more.

    LoudLAB also has a pencil tool to edit the waveform with sample precision.


    LoudLAB includes the non-destructive amplitude edit system that allows amplitude control, sample by sample, without interfering with the original audio file.

    By working with two layers (waveform and amplitude), we can apply functions like fade-in /out to the amplitude layer without interfering with the original waveform layer. The pencil tool can also be used to freely shape the file amplitude layer.


    LoudLAB 3 can import AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, CAF, SoundDesigner II, NeXT/Sun, MPEG-4, Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3 and QuickTime files of any sample rate.

    Exports AIFF, WAVE, FLAC, CAF, SoundDesigner II, NeXT/Sun, MPEG-4, Apple Lossless and AAC files.

    Furthermore, LoudLAB’s exporting utility offers resampling, bit depth, dither, channel layout and metadata editing capabilities.


    LoudLAB 3 is a 64-bit capable application. Intermediate audio is saved in 32-bit floating point files and all internal processing is done in 64-bit floating point precision.

    Unlimited Undo and Redo history, and a “Clean History” option to free disk space when needed.