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  • MacFamilyTree 7 (50% discount)

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    50% discount for a limited time – new version 7.2 launch sale

    MacFamilyTree 7 gives genealogy a facelift: It’s modern, interactive, incredibly fast and easy to use. We’re convinced that generations of chroniclers would have loved to trade in their genealogy tools for MacFamilyTree 7. MacFamilyTree helps you collect and record facts and data about your family history and turns them into informative reports and charts.

    MacFamilyTree 7 comes with countless features to record and visualize your family history – use them to create reports, charts or nifty 3D views within our Virtual Tree feature. MacFamilyTree offers the right solution for all your genealogy needs.

    Synchronize your data via iCloud, create webpages or back your research with the help of the gigantic genealogy database „FamilySearch“. You’re an avid genealogist, but you’re always on the go? Not a problem! Simply purchase MobileFamilyTree 7 to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your options are virtually endless.

    MacFamilyTree 7 – Overview:

    – Use iCloud to keep your devices up to date. If enabled, MacFamilyTree 7’s iCloud feature automatically synchronizes your data on your Mac and your mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

    – New user interface. Well arranged, faster than ever before and easy to use

    – FamilySearch: Access the world’s largest genealogy archive and its one billion entries. It’s completely free – no additional cost or subscription fees!

    – Interactive Tree: Navigate through your family tree or add persons and events in the very same view

    Charts, Reports and Views:

    – Countless charts and views, such as the Hourglass Chart, Ancestor Chart, Timeline, Double Ancestor Chart, Statistics, Fan Chart, Relationship Chart, Genogram Chart or the Virtual Globe.

    – Comprehensive report features, such as Person Report, Family Report, Kinship Report, Narrative Report, Places Report, Event Report, Distinctive Persons Report, Birthdays Report, List of Persons Report, Marriage List Report and Plausibility Report.

    – Our Virtual Globe has been rewritten from scratch and shows how your family has spread out across the world over time!

    – The Virtual Tree shows a three dimensional view of your family history

    – Try our Name Distribution Chart. It shows you the distribution of last names in your family tree and the changes that occurred over time

    – Complete support for MacBook Pro with Retina Display: All charts, reports and views as well as the whole user interface is ready for Retina displays

    Additional Features

    – Interview contemporary witnesses and save videos or audio footage along with your written records.

    – Upload your family tree to Choose between publishing your family tree and keeping it private and password protected – it’s all completely free!

    – Use Mail, Twitter, Facebook or the Messages app to share your charts and reports with friends and family − right from inside MacFamilyTree

    – Use FamilySearch to collaborate with family or millions of other users to create a family tree together

    And so much more!

    What’s new

    MAJOR UPDATE 7.2 – New Reports – New Interactive Tree – Improved FamilySearch

    Completely rewritten Reports

    – All reports have been rewritten from the ground up
    – Select report styles from lots of available presets
    – All reports can be displayed and exported in 16 languages
    – Choose custom watermarks, ornaments and borders for reports
    – New Descendancy Report
    – Much improved printing of reports
    – Improved PDF generation of reports
    – Paginated preview of the reports for printout
    – Rewritten narrative report including „text to speech“
    – Adjustable font scale for all reports

    Improved Interactive Tree

    – Zoom the Interactive Tree for better overview and navigation
    – Improved user interface for better readability
    – Much improved performance
    – Display more generations simultaneously

    Improved FamilySearch integration

    – Completely redesigned FamilySearch overview pane
    – Completely rewritten results list
    – Improved performance when scanning for matches on FamilySearch
    – Better detection of updated persons on FamilySearch including better change log
    – Improved discovery of further online information on FamilySearch
    – Faster scanning for matches and further information


    – Refined user interface
    – Improved search function in the person list sidebar
    – New startup window
    – Major performance enhancements in all edit sections
    – Better scrolling behaviour when using a third-party mouse