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  • MagicVector (97% discount)

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    Vector drawing application. Bitmap editor with filters also included.

    From creating professional presentations to sending e-mails to family and friends, everyone needs an image editor from time to time. Some competitors, while great programs, are overkill for these types of tasks. You shouldn’t have to take evening classes or spend hours reading a manual to put together a project or letter that is polished and professional.

    We didn’t design MagicVector to be a clone of famous competitors; instead we chose to meet the needs of your daily image editing tasks. MagicVector easily enhances, crops and exports an image for a weblog entry, article or a presentation. These common time consuming tasks are now streamlined and easy.

    MagicVector makes it fast and easy for anyone to edit an image. Its features range from basic enhancement to the implementation of high-end filters, vector images, creative text images and textures, shadows and gradients for sophisticated projects. We built MagicVector so you don’t have to be a professional image editor to create professional images.

    MagicVector is a cool application with the goal to make all of your tasks as easy to perform as possible. MagicVector was designed and built to be fast, flexible and intuitive.

    There are no complex windows, hidden features or tools. Everything is simple and clear. Speed matters and that is why we built MagicVector with a modern engine and a host of powerful tools to manage your images.

    Just because MagicVector is fast and intuitive doesn’t mean the results are ordinary, quite the opposite is true. With MagicVector, anyone can produce world-class results in a matter of seconds. Photo editing isn’t a chore anymore, MagicVector is here!

    MagicVector uses Core Image technology. Because your graphics card/GPU handles the calculations, MagicVector doesn’t drain your CPU. The better your graphics card/GPU, the faster MagicVector processes your image or applies a filter.

    Note : MagicVector is the new name of xDream. Go to the support website for more information.