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  • Motivated Moms – 2014 (25% discount)

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    Motivated Moms is a yearly chore calendar – a pre-planned checklist of chores that will allow you to have a clean, organized home and still have time for yourself. No need for huge cleaning days – just do the chores, check them off and you are done for the day! To try out the app, look for Motivated Moms Lite at Google Play.

    This is the 2014 app version of the popular e-book that thousands use each year to manage their homes and covers the same tasks as the printable version. With the app you get 15 months of preprogrammed tasks (over 10,000 of them) spanning October 2013 to December 2014. In addition, you can add unlimited custom tasks and assign tasks to people and rooms.

    Feeling scattered? Do you wish someone would just tell you what to clean and organize each day so everything will get done? Are you easily sidetracked and not getting much done in the house each day? Did you make a resolution to keep your house more clean and tidy? Then Motivated Moms is perfect for you!

    The system is designed to help you complete chores and tasks throughout the year so you don’t spend your entire day doing housework. Motivated Moms is all about reducing stress, not adding to it, in order to make home management easier. If you don’t get a chore done, don’t worry about it – it will come around again.

    Key features:
    • All tasks in the average home are planned out for you throughout the year
    • Ability to add unlimited custom tasks
    • Check off chores as they are done and they drop to the bottom of the list out of your way
    • No major cleaning days or Spring Cleaning week, do just a little all year around
    • Daily items and those that come up less frequently are scheduled for you
    • No need to remember when you last changed the a/c filter or dusted the living room – just do the tasks as they come up; the app keeps track for you
    • Tasks can be assigned to people and rooms and sorted accordingly

    You can move items to other days if you have a conflict. The application also gives you the ability to “hide” items that don’t apply. Don’t have a pet? Just hide the “Feed Pets” chore, then “unhide” it later if you get a pet part of the way through the year.

    Want to be reminded to read your Bible each day? Motivated Moms will help you read through the Bible in a year. Don’t need the bible reading plan? There is a setting to turn off the scheduled Bible readings so you won’t see them in your list.