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  • Murasaki – EPUB Reader (38% discount)

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    Murasaki is an EPUB reader application that has simple user interfaces and various features (CANNOT open DRM-encrypted EPUBs)

    Key Features:

    * Scrolling
    Murasaki is a scroll-based reader like usual web browers, not a page flip-based reader like iBooks.

    * Pagination View Mode (horizontal writing mode only)
    Murasaki supports the pagination view mode. This is a hybrid view mode which has both a free scrolling and a snapping to column (horizontal writing mode only).

    * Swipe Navigation
    Murasaki supports two-finger swipe gesture to move between contents (Mac OS X 10.7+). To read through an EPUB, use scroll and swipe gestures on trackpad.

    * Multi Windows
    Murasaki can open different EPUBs in multiple windows. Moreover Murasaki can open different parts of one EPUB in multiple windows at once.

    * Popover
    By opening a link in a popover, you can check a related page, footnote, and so on quickly without moving page (Mac OS X 10.7+).

    * Image Panel
    By opening images in panels, you can read through text with reference to these images.

    * Searching
    You can search a word that is contained in a EPUB.

    * Bookmarking
    You can bookmark, and can refer these pages later.

    * Full Screen
    By entering full screen mode, you can view the EPUB contents in full screen (Mac OS X 10.7+).

    * User Style Sheet
    Murasaki can apply user style sheets.

    * Popover Dictionary
    You can look up a word in popover dictionary.

    * Spotlight / Quick Look
    Murasaki includes Spotlight and Quick Look plug-ins for EPUB. You can search and preview EPUBs in Finder