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  • Navaja-SEE Secure Email Enterprise Server (17% discount)

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    Navaja-SEE is the perfect high-end encryption enterprise server software for you business, company or private issues to encrypt, decyprt your communication, 100 % Secure (Emails, SMSs, fb-postings and all other text messages, notes) !! AES 256 DL encryption !!

    It is the perfect add-on for our NAVAJA Secure Email apps, software for iOS and Mac (not needed to de/encrypt, but useful), to give users from Mac, iOS and, or other platforms like Windows, Win phones, Andruid phones a.o. access to your encrypted communication.

    Or to have a standalone encryption, decryption communication server compatible with all platforms (PC, Win, Mac, Andruid) – NAVAJA-NSEE Server is totally web based and supports all platforms with Internet-browser available !!

    Secure your companies, private important messages, like emails, contracts, SMS and make them available to any other platform to decrypt / encrypt it ! NAVAJA-SEE is web based, super lightweight and extremely secure !!

    Breathtaking is the NAVAJA-SEE Servers Security, of course it uses the same unbreakable encryption technology like all other NAVAJA products AES DL asymmetric (dual layer) and is fully compatible to them, but also it secures the web based communication with an integrated SSL tunneling system, which is self signed by the capsuled NAVAJA-SEE software !!

    You don't even need an strong OS X server hardware, nor a OS X server, it just runs on any Mac with OS X 10.9, 10.10 or higher !

    It's so lightweighted, that you will not even noticed it, while the NAVAJA-SEE server is running !!!

    System requirements:
    OS X 10.10 Yosem. or higher (also runs on 10.9)

    Bring your 100% secure NAVAJA business and private encrypted communication to your Windows, Andruid customers, employees or friends !!

    Navaja-SEE Server features:

    ► Encrypt and decrypt emails, SMS, iMessages, W's-app, fb postings, texts, notes a.o.

    ► Send encrypted emails directly out of the web server using your local email client software or copy&paste it !

    ► Decrypt emails, postings, W's-app Messages, iMessages, text, notes, fast & easily !

    ► Unbreakable AES 256 DL encryption!

    ► Lightweight, no performance leaks !

    ► Fast & Easy

    ► Start, stop, quit the Server

    ► SSL protected tunnel (self-signed), checkable

    ► 100 % Security

    ► Supports ASCII-character format

    ► Supports all other OS platforms to decrypt, encrypt(wed based)

    ► Detailed manual is available on our website and in the app

    ► Most effective secure communication protecting server software available !

    ► Shows you, your public IP-address

    ► Compatible to all other Navaja encryption products

    ► Fast customer email support

    Protect yourself, your company, or your family and friends against data leaking, internet criminality and espionage !

    The powerful validation, and our reputation for safety, durability, reliability, and ease of use, has also driven our consumer dedication further than ever anticipated. Moving forward, our commitment to "Perfection" remains steadfast: We will never compromise quality. We will continue to invest tremendous resources in the technology and talent necessary to improve our products wherever possible; and we will always strive to deliver maximum customer satisfaction !