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    Note To Self Pro is an app that records and manages
    custom audio notes that you can easily create with
    just a tap on the screen.

    Record Meetings, Conferences, Interviews, Memos.
    Trying to remember what the doctor
    had to say when you had your checkup?

    Need a good way to organize notes for a group meeting?

    Or just record your best ideas as soon as you get them
    without having to write them down, and before you forget.

    With Audio Note To Self you can email and share
    the audio files you create.

    It's also a great, quicker replacement for texting.
    You can record an audio message, and then attach it to an email
    and then send it with 3 clicks of the app and no message typing required.

    You'll think of new useful ways to use this Free app every day!

    Audio Note To Self is a great little app with
    a thousand great ways to use it!