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  • Pingbar – Connectivity Monitor (75% discount)

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    Pingbar is a small menu bar app, that constantly checks your connection to a server and port.

    What can it do for me?
    – Let it check your internet connection in a public WiFi hotspot, like your favorite coffee shop. Visiting a bunch of links, that are apparently all dead and it’s actually just the WiFi? Know immediately when your connection has a problem.
    – Use it as a server/service monitor. Check if a certain service on your server is responding, like your webserver, mailserver or any other service that opens a TCP port. Get instantaneous notifications on your desktop, when something’s wrong on that port!

    – Custom host and port
    – Custom checking interval
    – Silent status indication via menu bar icon
    – Eye-catching notifications via OS X notification center
    – Checks the whole connection from you to any server you like
    – Works with any open TCP port

    Note: While the name may suggest that an (ICMP echo) ping is performed, the app actually creates a socket connection to the server/port. ICMP ping may be implemented in future versions.