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    With the new MAP CRAFTER now you can create your own maps by adding traps many other thing. Then you can play with them!
    Enjoy share your own map with other.

    You can also download New maps from internet!

    Support for iCloud allows you to have all the maps you've created in mapcrafter on all your devices.
    You can also share your progress on all your devices

    It's a fun game in a minimalist style, with well-determined angles, and consistent colors, for lovers of the genre.
    Guide the spaceship with the joystick, through the various traps that are in the path.
    Avoid the red lasers and the fast bullet, dodge the squares in motion, be careful to not fall in hole, and uses well the teletrasport.
    Port the space-ship to arrival safe and sound, and try to take all the bonuses, to get to the next levels.

    -Machine gun
    -Rotating laser
    -Fast Bugs
    -Square moving